Hodnocení WiTopia VPN 2020 – Na co myslet před nákupem

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Tato VPN ještě nemá recenzi. Pokud se chcete podělit o své zkušenosti, zanechte tu recenzi jako uživatel. Zanedlouho přidáme odbornou recenzi, jako je tomu o nejlepších VPN, například ExpressVPN a NordVPN. Podívejte se také na nejlépe hodnocené VPN roku 2020.

Vlastnosti Detaily
Počet zemí se servery 45
Počet serverů 74
Udržuje VPN protokoly? Ano
Obsahuje VPN kill switch? Ne
Počet zařízení na licenci 2
Záruka vrácení peněz (dny) : 30
Mobilní aplikace :
Počet zařízení na licenci : 2
VPN plány: www.witopia.net
WiTopia VPN Uživatelských recenzí
Mark Bohner
  •  5
Rare disconnect... usually after idle periods of no activity.

95% of the gateways connect without delay. I have a superb 1Gb/s connection to my ISP, so I don't know how much that affects my net download/upload speed, but I have no complaints with slow connections using WiTopia Pro VPN. The cost is very reasonable to my opinion, even for the "premium" PRO service... so reducing their score because OpenVPN isn't included in the basic service seems petty. $70 per year is hardly extreme! Customer service is extremely good.... prompt responses and knowledgeable technicians...

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Věděli jste, že schvalujeme všechny recenze uživatelů. Společnosti si nemohou zaplatit za zahrnutí ani smazání žádných z nich.

    •  5
    Great Service

    I've been using Witopia for at least 5 years and I am totally impressed by their customer service. There is always someone there who hangs on in there until full solution of the problem ! I admit it does drop off for me too, when using on my ipad, but I thought that was due to the TV site I visit frequently and which announces on its site that it refuses VPN connections. I've just got used to reconnecting - only takes a sec ;-)

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      •  1
      Constantly drops on my Mac, even worse on iPad

      I have been a Witopia user for at least 4 years. When I chose them they were the best rated and I liked their polices and ethics better than others. However, a persisting problem is that their connection drops, sometimes every few hours. When I first contacted support they blamed the issue on my ISP, saying that they were severing the connection between my Mac and the VPN server and they couldn't do anything about it. And discussions with support over the years have only ended with the company still claiming that a solution was out of their hands. What kind of tech company is this, so non-inventive. Time passes and I can't find a VPN that I can trust. I purchase an iPad 6th gen a month ago, and setup the VPN. Unlike the experience on the Mac, the VPN drops sometimes in as little as three minutes and at other times remains connected for up to 30 minutes before dropping. I contacted Apple support, completed a diagnostic which found that the problem is not with the iOS, which only leaves Witopia as the problem. The least that Witopia could do is develop a notification that alerts the user, telling them that the connect is about to drop. That way the browser(s), could be closed before the true IP address is revealed. My subscription expires soon and I won't be renewing.

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